Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

Why did you just charge me $4.50 for one cup of coffee?

Why did my $1.50 coffee just cost me $4.50? It’s cold and it doesn’t even have ice in it to keep it that way.

And now you are asking me if I want “Nitro” in it. Nitrogen, right? For an extra Buck!

In chemistry class we learned that Nitrogen was in the air all around us. Why do you want me to pay for something I breath all the time? I need an explanation.

So, what exactly is Cold-Brew and how is it different than Ice-coffee?

This is something the coffee culture has not done a good job of clarifying for most of us. We grew up drinking ice-coffee in the summertime. It made sense. HOT outside = time to drink something COLD. And we liked our coffee, so why not just throw some ice in it and have a good thing going?

Well, the good news is that ice-coffee is still around and still popular. And one of the reasons for that popularity is the ease of making it. Just take what was left over from your morning coffee at breakfast; let it cool a bit; throw it into a pitcher with some ice; and put it into the fridge to enjoy the rest of the day.

But Cold-brew is a different animal altogether. Like espresso, it’s not a type of coffee bean or a specific roast. It’s a method of brewing coffee. And, while espresso is a super-fast way of making coffee, cold-brew is a super-slow method.

In another blog, we will show some of the best methods for making your own cold brew. We will cover what some of the best beans for cold brew are, why the beans should be ground differently than beans for regular coffee, and even a refresher for making ice-coffee.

Al Mazzone